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author Carl Byington <>
date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 12:42:14 -0700
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This project started with the base version of vxconnectbot:
    git clone vxconnectbot
    commit 5f70cc011cd131acb5cd29783fa6744059841aee
    Merge: 429b47c 53e8530
    Author: Martin Matuška <>
    Date:   Wed Oct 30 00:21:40 2013 -0700

Changes from connectbot were merged:
    git clone connectbot
    commit d64786d9197090c74072b648e487e3d34817bb57
    Author: Torne Wuff <>
    Date:   Sun Mar 2 20:25:25 2014 +0000q

Connectbot and VXConnectbot split at 598fb427f96712191cc264df14688d82db3dd664

# take jsocks and ssh2 from current connectbot
rm -rf src/net/sourceforge/jsocks
rm -rf src/com/trilead/ssh2
cp -a ../connectbot/src/net/sourceforge/jsocks src/net/sourceforge
cp -a ../connectbot/src/com/trilead/ssh2       src/com/trilead

# take all the connectbot patches since the split, except jsocks and ssh2
(cd ../connectbot; git diff -w 598fb427f96712191cc264df14688d82db3dd664) | \
sed -e 's;/org/connectbot/;/com/five_ten_sg/connectbot/;g' >patch.2014-04-19
emacs patch.2014-04-19
# remove all patches for trilead and jsocks
patch -p1 -l  <patch.2014-04-19 >patch.log.2014-04-19

# reinstall all jsocks and ssh2 patches from vxconnectbot since the split
(cd ../vxconnectbot; git diff -w 598fb427f96712191cc264df14688d82db3dd664) | less


merge tn5250j
svn checkout svn:// tn5250j


possible merge of irssi?
1.7.1-395 - a year ago