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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="510Connectbot" default="help">

    <!-- The file is created and updated by the 'android' tool.
         It contains the path to the SDK. It should *NOT* be checked into
         Version Control Systems. -->
    <loadproperties srcFile="" />

    <!-- The file can be created by you. It is only edited by the
         'android' tool to add properties to it.
         This is the place to change some Ant specific build properties.
         Here are some properties you may want to change/update:

             The name of the source directory. Default is 'src'.
             The name of the output directory. Default is 'bin'.

         For other overridable properties, look at the beginning of the rules
         files in the SDK, at tools/ant/build.xml

         Properties related to the SDK location or the project target should
         be updated using the 'android' tool with the 'update' action.

         This file is an integral part of the build system for your
         application and should be checked into Version Control Systems.

    <property file="" />

    <!-- The file is created and updated by the 'android'
         tool, as well as ADT.
         This file is an integral part of the build system for your
         application and should be checked into Version Control Systems. -->
    <loadproperties srcFile="" />

   <!-- quick check on sdk.dir -->
            message="sdk.dir is missing. Make sure to generate using 'android update project'"

<!-- extension targets. Uncomment the ones where you want to do custom work
     in between standard targets -->
    <target name="-pre-build">
    <target name="-pre-compile">

    /* This is typically used for code obfuscation.
       Compiled code location: ${out.classes.absolute.dir}
       If this is not done in place, override ${out.dex.input.absolute.dir} */
    <target name="-post-compile">

    <!-- Import the actual build file.

         To customize existing targets, there are two options:
         - Customize only one target:
             - copy/paste the target into this file, *before* the
               <import> task.
             - customize it to your needs.
         - Customize the whole content of build.xml
             - copy/paste the content of the rules files (minus the top node)
               into this file, replacing the <import> task.
             - customize to your needs.

         ****** IMPORTANT ******
         In all cases you must update the value of version-tag below to read 'custom' instead of an integer,
         in order to avoid having your file be overridden by tools such as "android update project"
    <!-- version-tag: custom -->
    <import file="${sdk.dir}/tools/ant/build.xml" />

<!-- Begin custom ConnectBot stuff -->

    <!-- Output directory for .po files. -->
    <property name="locale.dir" value="locale" />

    <!-- Default args to pass to a2po for .po generation. -->
    <property name="a2po.args" value="--groups strings --template fortune/fortune.pot --layout 'fortune/fortune-%(locale)s.po'"/>

    <!-- File names for launchpad translations. -->
    <property name="launchpad.export.file" value="launchpad-export.tar.gz"/>
    <property name="launchpad.import.file" value="launchpad-import.tar.gz"/>

    <target name="-pre-build" depends="update-version"/>

    <target name="help">
        <!-- displays starts at col 13
              |13                                                              80| -->
        <echo>Android Ant Build. Available targets:</echo>
        <echo>   help:      Displays this help.</echo>
        <echo>   clean:     Removes output files created by other targets.</echo>
        <echo>   compile:   Compiles project's .java files into .class files.</echo>
        <echo>   debug:     Builds the application and signs it with a debug key.</echo>
        <echo>   release:   Builds the application. The generated apk file must be</echo>
        <echo>              signed before it is published.</echo>
        <echo>   install:   Installs/reinstalls the debug package onto a running</echo>
        <echo>              emulator or device.</echo>
        <echo>              If the application was previously installed, the</echo>
        <echo>              signatures must match.</echo>
        <echo>   uninstall: Uninstalls the application from a running emulator or</echo>
        <echo>              device.</echo>
        <echo>   translations-import: Import translations from a Launchpad-style</echo>
        <echo>              Rosetta translation.</echo>
        <echo>   translations-export: Export translations to a Launchpad-style</echo>
        <echo>              Rosetta translation.</echo>


    <target name="update-version" description="Updates the file with current Mercurial revision">
        <echo>Updating resources with Mercurial revision and build date...</echo>

            <format property="" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" />

        <!-- Get the version name from the android manifest, will en up in property ${} -->
        <xpath input="AndroidManifest.xml" expression="/manifest/@android:versionName"
                    output="" />

        <!-- find global id of the current mercurial commit -->
        <exec executable="hg" outputproperty="hg.revision">
            <arg line="id --id"/>

        <!-- write out to res/values/version.xml -->
        <echo file="${resource.absolute.dir}/values/version.xml" encoding="utf8"><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<string name="msg_version" translatable="false">${} ${} (${hg.revision} ${})</string>

        <echo>Updated "msg_version" to: ${} ${} (${hg.revision} ${})</echo>

    <!-- Translations come from and are placed in the
         locale/ subdirectory. -->
    <target name="translations-import">
        <untar src="${launchpad.export.file}" dest="${locale.dir}" compression="gzip"/>
        <exec executable="a2po" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="import"/>
            <arg line="${a2po.args}"/>

    <!-- Translations are to be uploaded to as a tar ball
         created from the locale/ subdirectory. -->
    <target name="translations-export">
        <exec executable="a2po" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="export"/>
            <arg line="${a2po.args}"/>
        <tar destfile="${launchpad.import.file}"
            includes="**/*.pot **/*.po" />

    <target name="-check-ndk">
            message="ndk.dir is missing. Make sure to put it in"

    <target name="native-build" depends="-check-ndk">
        <exec executable="${ndk.dir}/ndk-build" failonerror="true" />

    <target name="native-clean" depends="-check-ndk">
        <exec executable="${ndk.dir}/ndk-build" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="clean" />

    <property name="lint" location="${}/lint${bat}" />

    <target name="lint-xml">
        <exec executable="${lint}">
            <arg value="--xml" />
            <arg value="lint-results.xml" />
            <arg path="${basedir}" />

    <target name="lint-html">
        <exec executable="${lint}">
            <arg value="--html" />
            <arg value="lint-results.html" />
            <arg path="${basedir}" />

<!-- End custom ConnectBot stuff -->