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add cron.daily index cleaning
author Carl Byington <carl@five-ten-sg.com>
date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 10:41:01 -0800
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--- a/logstash.spec	Fri Mar 01 18:54:53 2013 -0800
+++ b/logstash.spec	Thu Mar 07 10:41:01 2013 -0800
@@ -3,21 +3,23 @@
 %define _bindir  /usr/local/bin
-Summary:        A tool for managing your logs
+Summary:        logstash is a tool for managing events and logs.
 Name:           logstash
 Version:        1.1.9
 Release:        0
-License:        new BSD
-Group:          Applications/Productivity
+License:        Apache 2.0
+Group:          System Environment/Daemons
 URL:            http://logstash.net/
 BuildArch:      noarch
 Source0:        https://logstash.objects.dreamhost.com/release/%{name}-%{version}-monolithic.jar
 #ource0:        http://logstash.objects.dreamhost.com/release/%{name}-%{version}-flatjar.jar
-Source1:        logstash.rc
+Source1:        %{name}.rc
 Source2:        %{name}.conf
 Source3:        apache.pattern
 Source4:        sendmail.pattern
-Requires:       httpd java-1.7.0-openjdk
+Source5:        https://logstash.jira.com/secure/attachment/12610/logstash_index_cleaner.py
+Source6:        %{name}.cron
+Requires:       httpd java-1.7.0-openjdk python-pip python-argparse python-ordereddict
 Requires(pre):          /usr/sbin/useradd
 Requires(pre):          /usr/bin/getent
 Requires(postun):       /usr/sbin/userdel
@@ -27,33 +29,35 @@
-logstash tool for managing your logs
+logstash is a tool for managing events and logs. You can use it to
+collect logs, parse them, and store them for later use (like, for
+searching). Speaking of searching, logstash comes with a web interface
+for searching and drilling into all of your logs.
-cp -p %SOURCE0 .
-cp -p %SOURCE1 .
-cp -p %SOURCE2 .
-cp -p %SOURCE3 .
-cp -p %SOURCE4 .
 mkdir  -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/var/log/%{name}
-install -D -m 640 apache.pattern                      $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/var/lib/%{name}/data/patterns/apache
-install -D -m 640 sendmail.pattern                    $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/var/lib/%{name}/data/patterns/sendmail
-install -D -m 755 %{name}.rc                          $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/rc.d/init.d/%{name}
-install -D -m 750 %{name}-%{version}-monolithic.jar   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}/%{name}.jar
-#nstall -D -m 750 %{name}-%{version}-flatjar.jar      $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}/%{name}.jar
-install -D -m 640 %{name}.conf                        $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/%{name}/%{name}.conf
+install -D -m 750 %SOURCE0   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}/%{name}.jar
+install -D -m 750 %SOURCE5   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}/logstash_index_cleaner.py
+install -D -m 755 %SOURCE1   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/rc.d/init.d/%{name}
+install -D -m 755 %SOURCE6   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/cron.daily/%{name}
+install -D -m 640 %SOURCE2   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/%{name}/%{name}.conf
+install -D -m 640 %SOURCE3   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/var/lib/%{name}/data/patterns/apache
+install -D -m 640 %SOURCE4   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/var/lib/%{name}/data/patterns/sendmail
 /usr/bin/getent passwd %{name} >/dev/null || /usr/sbin/useradd -r -d /var/lib/%{name} -M -c "%{name} pseudo-user" %{name} >/dev/null
+pip-python install pyes || :
@@ -85,6 +89,7 @@
 %config(noreplace) %attr(0750,%{name},root) /etc/%{name}
 %config(noreplace) %attr(0640,%{name},root) /etc/%{name}/%{name}.conf
 %dir %attr(0750,%{name},root) /var/log/%{name}
 %dir %attr(0750,%{name},root) /var/lib/%{name}
 %dir %attr(0750,%{name},root) /var/lib/%{name}/data