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fix license tags in spec files to be fedora compatible
author Carl Byington <>
date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 21:00:11 -0700
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DNSBL1 %{SYSLOGBASE} %{QID:qid}: from <%{EMAIL:from}> to <%{EMAIL:to}> using context %{DATA:context} state %{DATA:state} reply context %{DATA:replycontext} state %{DATA:replystate}
DNSBL2 %{SYSLOGBASE} %{QID:qid}: spamc returned %{GREEDYDATA:spamassassin}
DNSBL3 %{SYSLOGBASE} %{QID:qid}: dcc returned %{GREEDYDATA:dcc}
DNSBL4 %{SYSLOGBASE} %{QID:qid}: Milter: to=<%{EMAIL:to}>, reject=%{DATA:smtpreason} mail from %{IP:ip} rejected - %{GREEDYDATA:dnsblreason}