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Fixes to compile on Fedora 9 and for const correctness
author Carl Byington <>
date Thu, 29 May 2008 11:38:42 -0700
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Copyright (c) 2007 Carl Byington - 510 Software Group, released under
the GPL version 3 or any later version at your choice available at


class CONFIG;

struct IPPAIR {
    int first;
    int last;
    int cidr;

class PATTERN {
    const char *    pattern;    // owned by the string table
    regex_t         re;
    int             index;      // zero based substring of the regex match that contains the ip address or hostname
    int             amount;     // count to add to the ip address leaky bucket
    const char *    message;    // for logging, owned by the string table
    PATTERN(TOKEN &tok, const char *pattern_, int index_, int amount_, const char *msg_);
    bool    process(char *buf, CONFIG &con, const char *file_name, int pattern_index);
    void    dump(int level);

typedef PATTERN *               PATTERNP;
typedef list<SYSLOGCONFIGP>     syslogconfig_list;
typedef list<IPPAIR>            ippair_list;
typedef list<PATTERNP>          pattern_list;
const int buflen = 1024;

    TOKEN *         tokp;
    const char *    file_name;  // name of the syslog file
    pattern_list    patterns;   // owns the patterns
    int             fd;
    struct stat     openfdstat;
    int             len;        // bytes in the buffer
    char            buf[buflen];
    SYSLOGCONFIG(TOKEN &tok, const char *file_name_);
    bool    failed()    { return (fd == -1); };
    void    open(bool msg);
    bool    read(CONFIG &con);
    void    close();
    void    add_pattern(PATTERNP pat);
    void    process(CONFIG &con);
    void    dump(int level);

class CONFIG {
    // the only mutable stuff once it has been loaded from the config file
    int                 reference_count;    // protected by the global config_mutex
    // all the rest is constant after loading from the config file
    int                 generation;
    time_t              load_time;
    string_set          config_files;
    int                 threshold;
    ippair_list         ignore;             // owns all the ippairs
    const char *        add_command;        // owned by the string table
    const char *        remove_command;     // ""
    syslogconfig_list   syslogconfigs;      // owns all the syslogconfigs

    void    set_add(const char *add)        { add_command    = add;        };
    void    set_remove(const char *remove)  { remove_command = remove;     };
    void    set_threshold(int threshold_)   { threshold      = threshold_; };
    int     get_threshold()                 { return threshold;            };
    void    add_syslogconfig(SYSLOGCONFIGP con);
    void    add_pair(IPPAIR pair);
    void    dump();
    void    read();
    void    sleep(int duration, time_t &previous);
    void    free_all();
    bool    looking(int ip);

void        discard(string_set &s);
const char* register_string(string_set &s, const char *name);
const char* register_string(const char *name);
void        clear_strings();
int         ip_address(const char *have);
bool        load_conf(CONFIG &dc, const char *fn);
void        token_init();

extern const char *token_add;
extern const char *token_bucket;
extern const char *token_file;
extern const char *token_ignore;
extern const char *token_include;
extern const char *token_index;
extern const char *token_lbrace;
extern const char *token_pattern;
extern const char *token_rbrace;
extern const char *token_remove;
extern const char *token_semi;
extern const char *token_slash;
extern const char *token_threshold;