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 <p>With this DNSBL milter, the sendmail access database cannot override
 the dnsbl checks, so that machine won't be able to send mail to or thru
-your smarthost mail server.
+your smarthost mail server (unless the virus/proxy can use smtp-auth).
+<p>Using the standard sendmail features, you would add access entries to
+allow hosts on your local network to relay thru your mail server.  Those
+OK entries in the sendmail access database will override all the dnsbl
+checks.  With this DNSBL milter, you will need to have the local users
+authenticate with smtp-auth to get the same effect.  You might find <a
+these directions</a> helpful for setting up smtp-auth if you are on RH
 <hr> <center>Installation and configuration</center> <p>Usage:  Note
 that this has ONLY been tested on Linux, specifically RedHat Linux.  In