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Add fixes for Solaris from sm-archive.
author Carl Byington <>
date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 10:58:24 -0700
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1.10 2008-03-22
    Add fixes for Solaris from sm-archive.

1.9 2008-03-21
    Add default config to firewall systems that send bounces to
    non-existant accounts. Switch to Mercurial source control.
    Update spec file for fedora packaging.

1.8 2007-11-08
    Allow sigterm/sigint to properly shutdown by removing all
    the iptables entries that we added.

1.7 2007-09-18
    Add description in config file for each regular expression
    so the log is more readable.

1.6 2007-09-09

1.5 2007-08-30
    Fix pre/post scripts in the rpm spec file.

1.4 2007-06-09
    Add selinux fixes - prevent syslog file descriptors from staying
    open for the child system calls to iptables.

1.3 2006-02-12
    Add configuration for iptables add/remove commands.
    Preserve case in config file. Some patterns may need this, and
    the add/remove commands generally need this.
    Add flush option for startup script to flush the INPUT chain.
    The restart/reload options also flush the input chain.

1.2 2006-02-01
    Don't flush the table to remove entries, use -D option to iptables.
    Reduce sleep time from 10 to 2 seconds between read cycles.

1.1 2006-01-08
    Add syslog entries when new ip addresses are blocked or released.

1.0 2005-12-17
    Initial release.