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author Carl Byington <>
date Wed, 15 Jul 2020 14:29:47 -0700
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1.18 2020-07-15
    add more logging when blocked addresses move to higher scale values

1.17 2017-02-09
    RHEL7 systemd and /var/run on tmpfs

1.16 2015-12-21
    good authentication prevents ip blocking for awhile
    fix default config regular expressions for geedy matching
    add manual blocking and unblocking expressions
    fix post uninstall script
    allow config bucket count zero to disable a pattern

1.15 2014-10-02
    add script to build syslog2iptables.conf

1.14 2014-06-10
    Add exponential increase in penalty for repeat offenders.

1.13 2011-08-17
    Switch to auto requires for rpm builds.

1.13 2009-01-25
    Document multiple contexts.

1.12 2009-01-24
    Allow multiple contexts with independent add/remove commands.

1.11 2008-05-29
    Fixes to compile on Fedora 9 and for const correctness.

1.10 2008-03-22
    Add fixes for Solaris from sm-archive.

1.9 2008-03-21
    Add default config to firewall systems that send bounces to
    non-existant accounts. Switch to Mercurial source control.
    Update spec file for fedora packaging.

1.8 2007-11-08
    Allow sigterm/sigint to properly shutdown by removing all
    the iptables entries that we added.

1.7 2007-09-18
    Add description in config file for each regular expression
    so the log is more readable.

1.6 2007-09-09

1.5 2007-08-30
    Fix pre/post scripts in the rpm spec file.

1.4 2007-06-09
    Add selinux fixes - prevent syslog file descriptors from staying
    open for the child system calls to iptables.

1.3 2006-02-12
    Add configuration for iptables add/remove commands.
    Preserve case in config file. Some patterns may need this, and
    the add/remove commands generally need this.
    Add flush option for startup script to flush the INPUT chain.
    The restart/reload options also flush the input chain.

1.2 2006-02-01
    Don't flush the table to remove entries, use -D option to iptables.
    Reduce sleep time from 10 to 2 seconds between read cycles.

1.1 2006-01-08
    Add syslog entries when new ip addresses are blocked or released.

1.0 2005-12-17
    Initial release.